Principles of Designing a Book Cover

Publishing books in modern times is not the same as it was publishing books 50 years ago. There were a lot fewer books being published in those times. However, today the industry has become more competitive, and millions of books are being published daily.

The struggle to get something published is not as hard as getting it to stand out among the millions of books being published. Marketers have evolved their marketing strategy over the years to make books more appealing to consumers.

Here are a few principles that marketers adhere to when it comes to selling books in-store and online.

The Cover Design

The image on the cover of a book is the first thing that attracts a consumer’s attention. A lot of money is spent on research and design to make the book appealing to the consumer. Some book lovers might be drawn to the image of a book cover before looking at the author.

The cover design often contains elements of the story, and it is meant to entice the reader to find out more about the storyline. The cover often contains notable captions like reviews from famous authors or rewards. Books that show evidence on the cover of having won the Booker Prize or another literary reward will likely draw more attention to it.

The cover of a book also needs to include the name of the author/s. The font size, colour, and style are important considerations when it comes to designing a book cover. Books in a particular series will have the name of the author in the same font size, style, and colour.

The back of the book should contain a short synopsis of what the book is about. Readers will often browse through the synopsis to see whether they find the plot or description interesting. A lot of work goes into making the synopsis as short and sweet as possible so as not to bore or discourage a reader.

The design of the cover will also be displayed on various online or offline ads. The image of the cover needs to entice and intrigue the reader.

With a professional cover design, consumers are more likely to buy a book. Read more about book cover design by subscribing to this site!

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